Post-Christmas Sales Haul


Hey everyone,

It's the last weekend of the Christmas holidays before school starts back, so naturally I'm writing blog posts instead of doing the homework due on Monday. With a bag of chili heatwave Doritos by my side and old Gwen Stefani tunes playing in the background, it can't get more chill than this- might as well enjoy the time off before school takes over my life again!

Back to the topic- my post-Christmas sales haul. I know the majority of the country rush out on Stephens day to grab a bargain or two, but in all honesty, the thought never crossed my mind this year. I wanted a chill Christmas, so shopping a few days later suited me much better. I managed to pick up a few goodies regardless!

Lush 'candy mountain' bubble bar & a 'shoot for the stars' bath bomb: I absolutely love Lush bath products. Even though they may be a luxury rather than a necessity, there's something special about a relaxing bath with a colorful bath bomb thrown in. 'Candy mountain' is one of my favourites as it smells like 'snow fairy', and I picked up the bubble bar on a whim. The two of them together cost around €4 thanks to the 50% sale on Christmas products!

Moschino phone case: Moschino are one of my favorite designer brands- I always anticipate seeing their new collections online during fashion week. Seeing as I can't afford one of their items of clothing, I figured €20 (down from around €55) on a phone case would be a worthy investment. It's also super quirky- I'm in love!

Warehouse cocoon coat: Last but not least, this beautiful powder blue coat from Warehouse. I had a voucher for Warehouse from their press day and just had to put the balance to the €65 price tag- down from €110! It's the perfect Winter to Spring transition coat, and coats are one my most loved items of clothing. I don't usually wear too many pastel colours but there's a first for everything!

Did you pick up anything in the post-Christmas sales?

-Rachel x


  1. Oh I'm procrastinating writing blog posts instead of doing homework too! It feels productive so it's ok right?
    Love the coat!
    btw are you doing GCSEs now or AS levels? I love finding other bloggers my age!
    lily x

    1. Haha true! Its also way more fun..

      Im doing my leaving cert which I think is the Irish version of AS levels/similar I think?
      Aw me too, its easier to relate to people our own age I guess! x

  2. I have school in two days and have left all my essays till now! I blame my blog! I love the moschino case and there have been soo many good deals in the sales, I did a boxing day haul on my blog featuring some amazing bargains!

    Clothing Conscious // Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  3. That coat is gorgeous, that grey is perfect
    Love Vicki <3


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