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Hey everyone,

Time for a new series here on the blog! Rather than doing a monthly favourites post which can get a bit repetitive, I've decided to start a new series called 'Lately I've Been..'- reading, loving or wearing something a lot lately, for example. I'm not sure how reoccurring it shall be but I'm sure you've noticed that my blog 'schedule' has been a bit all over the lazy lately. At the moment I just prefer posting when I have fresh inspiration, and time. Nobody likes a forced article, and posting just for the sake of posting isn't my thing at all! Anyways, let me know in the comments below what you think of this post. I'm always open to trying something different, and I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Lately I've Been...

•Reading: Tess Of d'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy. I love getting books for Christmas, and I was delighted to see a Classic in my stocking this year! I briefly mentioned to my mum that I wanted to start reading more pieces of classic literature, and she picked up one that I'd actually never heard of before. I'm only halfway through it (reading old pieces of writing whilst preparing for exams= a slower reading pace than usual..) but I'm loving it so far. I don't want to say too much in case I spoil anything, but if you're a fan of classic books, I'd highly recommend you check it out.

•Listening: to this playlist on Spotify. I only recently discovered the Spotify 'moods' playlists, and I'm hooked. There's literally a playlist for every genre of music, every emotion you may be feeling. I can't stop listening to this playlist in particular as it includes so many of my favourite artists!

•Wearing: a lipstick by Essence* from their 'come to town' collection in the shade '01 is that you, santa?'. It's a beautiful coral-red shade, which is a perfect Spring transition shade in my opinion. It's quite sheer, but multiple layers can be applied for a more dramatic look. And the best part? It'll only burn €2.89 in your pocket. 

•Lighting: the Yankee candle my sister got me for Christmas-'snow in love'. Yankee candles always remind me of Christmas, and it's their Christmas scents that I love the most! My candle collection is an ever-growing one, although they don't last half as long as I wish they would..

•Attempting: to keep organised with my new 2015 diary that I picked up in Tesco at the start of the year. I love cute stationery and the idea of keeping organised is very appealing- whether I'll stick to it or not is another story!

•Watching: any of the BBC masterpiece classics that are available on Netflix. I finished Sense & Sensibility the other day, and I'm not ashamed to say I cried! I've just started watching the four part adaptation of Emma, so I'm excited to see how the story unfolds. Like I said, I don't have a lot for reading lately, so sometimes it's ok to watch the TV show first, right? 

What have you been loving lately?

-Rachel x


  1. Love this post! Lately I've been trying to eat healthy, get fit, doing cool family things with the three of us and trying to keep on top of the blogging!

    1. Thank you! Keeping fit is PROBABLY something I should be doing too but sure..

  2. Love this post. And you're totally right not to force yourself to write anything. That's when you fall out of love with blogging and I really hope you don't ever do that! Lately I've just been a big ball of stress to be honest! But between panic attacks, working and studying I'm reading Harry Potter and the goblet of fire and concentrating on the future - Claire x

  3. Snow In Love is gorgeous! I was burning it all throughout christmas. Spotify mood playlists are fantastic, and their studying playlists are wonderful for aiding concentration (if you're into music whilst studying, like me ;) ). Also, you're absolutely right to not force blog posts. I've seen too many people do that as of late. "Lately I've been.." is a fab idea. x

  4. Is it possible to be in love with a lipstick? Love this! But seriously only blog when you want to, it is not an obligation!

    1. Aha from my experience I'm gonna say yes! Thank you x

  5. Great post as usual Rachel. I loved Tess of the Durbervilles when I was your age. My Dad got me an audio book (not sure why as I always read) which I LOVED!


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