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Hey everyone,

I was recently sent a few products by Fuschia Makeup to try out,so today I'm going to tell you a little bit more about the brand, and also including some mini reviews! Fuschia are an Irish makeup brand, with two shops in Drogheda & Swords and stockists all over the country. My grandmother lives near Drogheda so whenever I go to visit Scotch Hall Shopping Centre I pass the store, but truth be told I've never bought anything! Over the past few days, I've read multiple reviews on Fuschia Makeup, both good and bad. After a bit of researching, it appears that some of their products are private labelled: meaning the products are made by a different company and sold under the Fuschia name. However, a lot of the products are their own! In all honesty, this didn't bother me too much, seeing as brands like Coastal Scents are similar. Anyways; on to the products!

The 'make your own eyeshadow palette*' was the first thing that caught my eye. For €40 you choose 5 eye shadows to fit into a pretty compact palette. I actually really like these eyeshadows, as I'm usually quite wary of matte shadows! These are reasonably pigmeted but definitely look better over a primer. I found them really buttery and easy to blend too! However, €40 for 5 shadows does seem overpriced in my opinion. I realise the likes of MAC are more expensive, but the Naked palettes by Urban Decay are in the €40's too- and you get 12 shadows.

That said, the 'classic matte lipstick*' in the shade 'vamp'was the product I really adored. It really has me down to a T! Not only am I a major fan of berry lipsticks, but I also love vampires & the supernatural, so it was really quite fitting. It was a bit drying as most matte lipsticks are, but a bit of lip balm underneath will sort you out. Price wise, its similar enough to Inglot at €13.50. 

I received a sample size tube of their primer* which I knew wouldn't last me long- I barely got 3 applications out of it! It feels super velvety and I liked how it had a bit of shimmer through it for an illuminating finish. As for extending the wear time of my foundation, I didn't really notice much of a difference! €22 for the full product.

Lastly, I'll give a mention to the 'brow wax kit'* for €15.50. I sampled their best-selling shade 'taupe' which was unfortunately a bit too light for my brows! I've been using it on days when I want a more natural look though, as I was really impressed by the pigmentation. I found the brow wax  bit difficult to apply, as the brush supplied with the kit was a tad cheap looking.

Overall, Fuschia Makeup have some really good quality products- but for a teenage student on a budget like me, they are a small bit overpriced. I think if their prices were lowered  for their eye-shadows especially I'd definitely be purchasing for them! The packaging is really girly and sleek so thumbs up on that front from me too. You can buy Fuschia online here.

Have you ever tried Fuschia Makeup?
Items marked with a * were sent to me for consideration. All views are my own! Read my full disclaimer here.


  1. Great reviews Rachel, I've been reading very mixed opinions about this collection that bloggers got!

  2. Hmm getting the impression from everyone that these are a little rubbish!

    1. the quality is definitely between high street and high end but the prices are a bit too much!

  3. i'm glad to see that you like some of these products but after reading a lot of mixed reviews it sounds like fuchsia is ridiculously overpriced!


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