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Hey everyone,
Admit it- we've all been there. I pretty sure I can speak for the majority of the female population when I say that there's always that one pesky spot that arrives just when you least need it. I tend to get a lot of spots around my mouth and chin area, which is extremely annoying! I know a lot of teenagers suffer from acne, so when I heard about Dream Dots* I was delighted to give them a try.
Dream Dots* are little circles that you apply to your spots overnight for 8-10 hours. That means it doesn't interrupt your makeup routine during the day! They were designed by beauty therapist Donna Ledwidge. All you do is clean the area, apply the little patch and wait to see the results the next morning!
I must say, I was really impressed with these. Although I can't say that they make the spot completely disappear after one night, they definitely reduce the size and redness of the spot. They're also pretty easy to apply, and completely unnoticeable once on the skin! If you're the kind of person that only gets one or two spots, then this product is definitely for you. That said, if you tend to get quite a few like me, it could be pricey in the long run. For €15 you get 24 patches- and it took me 3 patches & 3 nights to completely get rid of one spot. I've almost used up the entire box already, and it's only been about 3 weeks! 
What I like best about Dream Dots* are that they're an overnight solution. I hate waiting ages for spot cream to dry in the morning! Whilst having a makeup free day recently, I wore one during the day and no-one in my family noticed, so that's always a plus!
You can buy Dream Dots* Lloyds, Mc Cabes, Sam McCauley & Cara pharmacies nationwide. Their website has a pretty simple tutorial on how to use them too!.
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  1. Seen loads about these on twitter and they're stocked in my local chemist. I do get the odd sore spot here every so often so I should have a box of these on stand-by for such emergencies, sounds like they'd do the trick :)


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