Halloween Nails; Eyeball Nail Art Tutorial


Hey everyone,

Its that time of year again where you start seeing Halloween decorations in shops again. For me, it's when I start seeing bloggers making halloween themes posts. I'm a bit of a halloween grinch- I never particularly liked it as a child and I hate it now. Perhaps its because my estate are quite boring when it comes to halloween. If halloween was still about its original purpose, I'd probably like it, as I like dressing up and I love anything witch-y! So instead of makeup tutorials, I thought I'd start a new halloween nail art tutorial series instead. Hope you like them, let me know if you'll be trying them out!

You Will Need;
-White nail polish & pen
-Blue nail polish
-Red nail art pen 
-Black nail art pen

What I Used;
- white; Sinful Colours
-blue, black & red nail art pens from Hairspray

I find it best to apply a basecoat before painting my nails, and a topcoat after. The basecoat stops the polish from staining your nails, and the topcoat will make it last longer and appear glossier. I use a Sally Hansen nail hardener as my basecoat, and an Essence topcoat.

1. Paint your nails two shades of white. I love this one by Sinful Colours, it lasts ages and gives full coverage!
2. Using your blue nail polish/pen, make a blue circle in the middle of your nail.
3. When dry, paint a black [smaller] circle inside the black circle for the pupil. I used a white nail art pen t pain a little dot in the top left hand corner, so it looks like there's light shining on it for a 3D effect!
4. Taking your red nail art pen, draw 'Y' shapes and zig-zags starting from the outside of the nail. Repeat this all around the nail so they look like veins.

And there you have it- eyes on your fingers. 

Will you be trying this out this Halloween?
-Rachel x
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  1. these are too cool! perf for halloween xx


  2. This looks so cool.Great job :)

  3. this nail are just so lovly.. u rock... i followed you...please follow back.. much luv http://melodyjacob1.blogspot.com

  4. So cool!
    I doubt i'd do them very neat though XD

  5. These look great! I feel like they are watching me ! Lol xx

  6. These are so cool Rachel- Can't believe Halloween and midterm are so close :D !


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