Vintage Floral Nails + opinions needed!


OBSESSED with everything that could possible clarify as 'vintage' lately. Seriously. Ive been trying to recreate looks, spending hours on Pinterest oogling glamour girls from the nifty fifties and dont even get me started on Mr.Selfridge on tv.. I cant get enough!

Some where along this hype I decided to paint some vintage-esque floral print nails.

I used;
• lavender and coral nail polish
• pink, white and green nail art pens
• sally hensen base coat

You need a steady hand for this and patience! Paint your nails starting with the lavender on the thumb then alternating colours as you go. Put various similar sized white dots on the coral nails. On the lavender, paint a few oddly shaped (yes, I did just say oddly, they are flowers, no need for perfection!) and two green leaves out of each flower. There's a few tutorials on youtube if you search 'vintage nails' (I'm currently posting on my iTouch, supposed to be studying).

+ on to the second matter..
I was wondering what you readers think of my blog URL and name. Does it stick in your head? Easy to find? Easy to remember? I'm thinking of changing it but
only if people think it would be a good idea! I've noticed alot of popular blogs have names such as Thunder & Treads, Cashmere & Cupcakes. Not entirely sure what my ideas are but maybe..
• Leather and Lemonade
• Leather and Lace
• Vintage and Vuitton
• Velvet and Versace
.. or a mixture of any of the above. Iliteration seems to be key! Thoughts? Opinions? Advice?

-Rachel x

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