What I'm wearing today & something that almost made me pmsl..


Hey everyone :) if there is an everyone.. Hmm. Below is what I was wearing today. My outfit consists of aztec leggings (which, yes, I did buy inthe childrens section) and a printed top. Who says you can't wear two prints at once? As long as they balance out evenly it should be ok. My sandals are gold gladiators which are my best friends in the summer! They're so comfortable omg.

And my nails.. Don't get me started on this shade. My mother came home with it yesterday and I was so happy. Its Sally Henson in Pomegrante and the brush only requires one stroke! I applied two coats but one coat would of been fine too.

And lastly, the picture below really made me laugh. Seriously its just so hilarious omg. Excuse me while I wet myself again!!

-Rachel x

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