Trend Watch; Under The Sea


A major trend I've seen lately on the catwalk is the 'ocean' theme. Light blue, shimmering seaquins (see what I dd there ;D ) and fishy prints. It can be quite hard to pull off. You wouldn't want to go out looking like an octopus or something! (by all means, be an octopus if you must). Is it a trend you'll be trying out soon? Take a look at some examples from the runway and some highstreet items and you can decide if you'll be swimming in your clothes anytime soon.


These are just a selection of some I found attractive. You can view more at . I love how Givenchy have almost replicated a silver fish's scales, its stunning. Surprisingly enough, I have taken quite a liking to Issa's maxi dress too. I've never dared wear a maxi as I'm only 5"3 but maybe I will someday. Anyways, I think its amazing how such a bold print can almost look.. normal! Mary Katranzou's dress has such a gorgeous shape too, its very out there but I personally love it.


So will this be a trend I'll be trying out soon? Probably not. Frankly, its very hard to get a decent fishy find in any of the stores near me. But If I could, I would.

Toodles :)

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