What I'm wearing today: "Feeling blue? Most certainly not"


'Its a well known fact that the colour of your clothes can represent how you're feeling. Blue represents sadness or feeling calm, yellow is mellow..' etc etc.

How can I disagree more? Today my outfit is entirely blue, but I am NOT sad or calm. In fact I'm relatively happy and quite hyper. If purple is the colour of royalty, does that make me feel like a queen? No. Unless there is a survey out there stating that people have been lucky wearing green and feel angry whenever they wear red then I see no point in this statement whatsoever.

ANYWAYS the title does say 'what I'm wearing today' so as you can see from my outfit I do like the colour blue. Its my cousins communion today and we're just attending the afters, so I decided to dress it up-down. Its not hot so no sun dresses for me. Its not cold either though, so I do think my outfit is quite suitable. The braid across my head is so simple by the way! I'll post a tutorial if I get the chance, but really I just got inspiration from thebeautydepartment.com , and my nails are a bright cobalt blue with the finger beside my pinky (can't remember its name and too lazy to google it) a sparkly, glittery blue. I added a pair of pearl earrings before I left, simply to show grattitude as I was given them for my birthday by my aunt and uncle. Sigh. I also threw on a navy boyfriend cardigan as the weather in Ireland is sooo undependable.

Bye for now chicas.

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