Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018


Every year, I post my yearly round up (if you're curious and would like to have a look at previous years, click here, here and here). This year, it's taken me a little longer to put together what I want to say. It's been a strange one, a long one but a great one. Some of the highlights of the year for me included;
  • New York, Chicago, summer camp- my three months in the USA, arguably the best three years of the year and possibly my life to date.
  • My other travels- Prague with some of my favourite people, and Amsterdam with one of my dearest friends.
  • Winning blog of the year at the Hybrids.
  • Getting my first tattoo.
  • Starting my first job as a journalist.
  • My first front cover, albeit not written by me.
Just some of the highs, some of the most brilliant parts of the year. Not pictured are the lows, the heartaches (all three of them, some temporary and some not), the broken friendships, the tears. They remain in the deepest depths of my memories.

Usually, I'm looking forward to saying goodbye to the year and hello to the next year, but this morning I found myself slightly frightened by the prospect. I graduate next year and god knows what will happen after that, where I'll go or what I'll end up doing. I suppose that's the underlying thrill of it all, the uncertainty of the future.

As for 2018, for once I don't have any expectations. I usually write a list of things I want to achieve, or problems I want to overcome. A 'same ol' me but better'. This year, I'm just going to take things as they come. Of course there's the usual 'new year new me' hopes- to lose a bit of weight, avoid negative people and finally settle into a relationship, but I think my main hope for the year is a lot simpler- happiness in whatever it is I end up doing.

Whether it's been a good or a bad year, I hope all of you find comfort in leaving 2017 behind and moving onto to a sparkling new year. It's been weird and wonderful, and I'm eternally grateful to those who made the year what it was for me.

Rachel x

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