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The familiar ping of an email. Avoided for a couple of hours, until I sit down with my soup and sandwich on my lunch break. An interview request- this time, one for me and not from me. Just a few weeks ago, I was delighted to speak to the Irish Examiner about what it's like to be part of 'Generation Z', the controversial snowflake term and how I started blogging.
It was the perfect end to a wonderful and rocky year. I'll be writing my annual yearly round up during the week, so for now I wanted to simply share what I was wearing. Over the past couple of months I've been posting daily outfit snaps over on Instagram. It was how I got into blogging, how I fell in love with it and how it all began.

So, I decided to take it back to how I used to post. No fancy cameras, no editorial backgrounds, just a phone and a white wall. It's brought back the joy for me and I'm delighted to share these photos from my photoshoot today.

Jacket- Bershka // Trousers- Bershka // Boots- Asos //
Earrings- H&M // Bag- Christian LaCroix

Photos by Moya Nolan for Irish Examiner

Merry Christmas everyone! If you haven't seen the article yet, you can read it online here.

Rachel x

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