“Describe your personal style in one word”


Eclectic. No, Monday's outfit was more minimal. Monochrome? But you've 10 rainbow shirts hanging nicely in your wardrobe.

I applaud anyone that has the ability to answer this question, really I do. I, on the other hand, am not one of them. In fact I even find it difficult to describe my personal style in three words, or even five.

It's a question that magazines ask celebrities on a regular basis. You've more than likely seen Victoria Beckham describe hers as "classic" in a fact file with Vogue or your favourite blogger sum theirs up in three words during a Q&A.

There are many reasons why I can't currently answer this question. Firstly, for me it depends on the day or my mood. You might see me dressed in the latest trends heading to a fashion show, but my every day style for university is completely different. In fact, you're more likely to find me in mom jeans and a vintage 80s print shirt than you are in something I've posted on Instagram. And it's not that my every day style isn't worthy of a full OOTD post, it's just that I tend to wear the same clothes every week and I get bored of seeing them.

If you've been reading my blog since day one (or perhaps you've had a scroll through the archives of my many fashion faux pas) you'll know that my personal style has changed a lot through out the years. It's something that I don't think will ever be static. Maybe in 10 years time when I'm settled in a full time job and an apartment, but part of me hopes that's not the case. For me, my personal style is defined by various different influences in my world. It's like playing dress up as a child but within my every day life. Feeling badass this morning? On goes my biggest hoop earrings and my leather jacket. Off to a press launch this evening? A quick change into the most unique and "fashionable" thing in my wardrobe. It's a constant mix between fashion as an art form and some sort of style that belongs to me.

So in sum, my personal style as of today= undefined. And as I progress through the early years of adulthood, I truly hope it stays that way.

Wearing: vintage bomber jacket (public romance, galway), plain black tee (COS, thrifted), tassle earrings (Siopaella), sunglasses (Penneys)

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