Switching From Apple To Android With The HTC 10


I've had an iPhone 5s for over two years now and truth be told, I was fed up. My contract ended at the start of the year but I remained on the same plan I was on (which was way too much money for the few perks I recieved) because I didn't know what to do. Having grown up with iPods and iPads, I was used to the Apple life and nothing else. But working long hours and commuting for two hours every day meant that my life just didn't suit the short iPhone battery life. No matter how often I charged it, it would just die after a couple of hours.

So when Three got in touch and asked if I'd like to try out the spanking new HTC 10*, I jumped on the offer immediately. 

The HTC 10 is available exclusively from Three and the price is really quite reasonable too- all calls, all texts, free 4G and all you can eat data for €55 a month including the free phone itself. Although my last contract was a cheaper one, I ended up going over my bill every single month with the extra data charges- it drove me nuts! 

Before receiving the phone, I had three main concerns with switching from my iPhone. The first thing on my mind was the camera quality. Having seen snapchats from some of my Android friends, I was worried that the quality mightn't be up to scratch! Luckily, I had nothing to worry about- the HTC 10 featured a 12MP camera with laser focus that produces high quality photos. The back camera in particular is definitely better than my Iphone 5S one. 

The second thing I was worried about was the size. I have really small hands (well, they're probably average for my height but I'm not the tallest as it is!) and as silly as it sounds I was worried I wouldnt be able to hold the phone comfortably in my hand. After using the phone for two weeks now I can assure you that my hands are well used to it now- in fact, my iPhone felt uncomfortably tiny in comparison the other day!
Lastly, I wanted to make sure if I was switching to Android that the battery life would exceed that of an iPhone, and thankfully that box has been ticked. It comes with a Quick Charge enabled Rapid Charger, which has the ability to reach 50% charge in half an hour. It's so quick at charging and lasts almost the whole working day too!

Overall, I'm so glad I made the switch to the HTC 10 and I'm having so much fun starting afresh with new photos and new apps (which I definitely need more of so if you have any cool recommendations, let me know in the comments below!). 

The HTC 10* is available to buy from Three here. If you have any questions, tweet me!
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