Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder


I've been a terrible blogger these past few months. Really, I have. Ever since starting university last September, my posts have becoming less frequent and my inspiration has been slowly diminishing. Now that Summer has arrived, I've been thinking a lot about what caused the creative block, and how I plan to overcome it.

Studying journalism in university means that for the past 6 months, all I've been learning about is how to write. All I've been reading about is how to be a better journalist. As for writing- well, that list is limited to multiple news stories and the occasional short essay. My weekends included working, and my social life was a few student nights a week. In short, I haven't been out and experiencing the world in an exciting enough way to blog about. Throw in multiple new friendships and a semi broken heart, and that's my first year of university summed up. 

My Summer holidays began last month and since then, I've been thinking a lot about my feelings on the blogging world. It's... different. Everyone has a blog now, and although I applaud people for having the courage to start one, it's starting to look a bit boring. I'm different, too. I started blogging 4 years (?!) ago, when I was a mere 1 year old. My clothes were all wrong and my interests were completely different. I'm now a (slightly) wiser 18 year old with a job and better clothes. I don't spend my time reading makeup reviews. Instead, I like to read poetry and articles about feminism and current affairs and fashion industry news. 

And so, this Summer, I'm going to take my creativeness back into my own hands. I'm going to create content I like, and now what the rest of the blogging industry says is 'on trend'. I'm hoping to get back into outfit posts again very soon, because personal styling is still something I hold extremely close to my heart. I'm not going to let anyone make me doubt myself and I'm going to ignore the people that have laughed at me being 'a blogger' in the past.

This is my Summer and this is my blog. And for those that have remained loyal readers 4 years later, this is yet another new beginning here on Oh Hey There Rachel. Thank you for staying with me.

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