Where Does The Future Of Fashion Lie?


The SS16 season of London Fashion Week took place at Soho rather than the usual Somerset House last week, and it was certainly a big change. I recently read an article by Sophie Milner for The Coven about street style, and the article focused a lot on the recent LFW shows. Although some may think little of it, the British Fashion Council's decision to LFW had a huge impact on the fashion industry, for bloggers, industry professionals and everyone else in between. The (brilliant) article in question not only discussed the visible lack of street style at London Fashion Week this year, but also the lack of interest from photographers. Over the past few years, street style has become one of the key sources of inspiration for fashion folk. If street style is dead, where will we move to find inspiration now?

The fashion industry is constantly changing. We've all heard the renowned Chanel quote- "fashion changes, but style remains the same". When we look back at different eras, we often associate it with the clothes worn back then, for example Dior's 'new look' during the 1950s, or 70s flares that are currently making a comeback. Said trends are often revived in years to come. Which led me to wonder- what will define 2010 onwards? In 2040, will people be wearing black skinny jeans or Zara shirts? Lace up heels and crop tops?

A lack of designers isn't the problem. Every day, thousands of upcoming designers work on new collections, and aim to improve the future of fashion. There are thousands more that would kill for the chance to have their collections shown at fashion week. The fashion industry may be fast paced and tough to work in, but it is exciting. So why do I feel like it's stuck in a rut? The creation of popular social media sites like Instagram and Twitter were, what I would call, one of the most recent changes to the industry- but that was over 5 years ago. Where are we going from there? 

I'd really love to get people thinking and hear your thoughts on the subject- comment or tweet me where you think the future of fashion lies!

-Rachel x


  1. NICE
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  2. This is such an interesting post, and something I've never really thought about. I think for me street style has plateaued. That's not to say that I don't still love it, but so many ideas and trends have been covered that there isn't much room for true individuality any more. These days, people who turn up to LFW in outrageous outfits hoping to be snapped are just kind of cringeworthy. I never get sick of looking at designer collections though, I think that's more like art, and while ideas might get recycled, I don't think that makes a piece less beautiful. All art is imitation for me x

    Martha Jane | http://www.marthajanemusic.com

    1. So great to hear your opinion Martha Jane, thanks for sharing! I understand what you mean about LFW for sure x


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