Pinspiration #2; Folk & Freedom


Hey everyone,

It's not only been a while since my last pinspiration post, but it's been a while since I've posted in general! It makes me sad that I barely have time to post once a week these days. I can't wait to get all these exams over with so I can just be free- free to write, free to create and free to live. Even when I d have time lately and I take a break from studying or homework, I'm too tired to think straight or sit down and blog. Not only that, but I just got over a chest infection last week, and I'm already sick again with a cold! To lift my spirits, I've been lusting over a boho lifestyle on pinterest lately. From listening to Fleetwood Mac on repeat, to spending endless nights looking for the perfect suede skirt, it's safe to say I'm loving the 70s trend lately. Below are some images that are perfect for  bit of 70s inspo!

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-Rachel x


  1. Beautiful pictures and your site is looking fab!

  2. I'm feeling this boho style too and I'm also looking for the perfect suede skirt! haha. Bershka has one which I really like but they didn't have it in store, so I will keep on searching!

    Fashionably Sparkly


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