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You might remember from one of my most popular posts about stealing Cher Horowitz's style (check it out here!) that I'm a BIG Clueless fan. It's fast become one my favourite movies! When I heard that the renowned highstreet brand Oasis were releasing a Clueless inspired collection, I was really intrigued. I was delighted to hear that the collection is by a young Irish designer- Catherine Kelly. Catherine won the 'Design Your Future' contest hosted by Oasis last year. The time has finally come for Catherine's 7 piece collection to be released, and Catherine kindly answered a few questions for me about it..
1. Hi Catherine, congratulations on the launch of your collection! What made you enter the 'Design Your Future' in the first place?
 Thank you very much! I had herd of the completion from my Aunt Triona who had seen it on Ireland Am. At the time I had just graduated from a BA in fashion design from limerick school of art and design and was working at home in Ennis saving up to move away and look for design opportunities. Such an amazing opportunity like “design your future” don’t come around often so I knew I had to give it a shot!

2. Was there something that sparked your interest for design, or have you always been interested in fashion?
 I’ve always been creative and I think I always knew that design was the path for me.

3. You spent months in London- would you say their sense of style is much different to Irish style?
 The style in London is quite eclectic , given that it is such a variety of cultures all here in one city, London is quite an inspiring place in that sense. I think it’s a bit more laid back over here, especially going out style. I think at home in Ireland we like to get a bit more dressed up for the weekend, which I love.

4. The 90's classic 'Clueless' was one of your inspirations (also one of my favourite movies!). Have you got a favourite fashion era?
  I take inspiration from many eras, and what inspires my work changes all the time but The Nineties is consistent favourite for me. Being a child of the nineties, I love when something sparks nostalgia, like matching sets I would have had when I was younger (as featured in my collection ) A big focus for my collection is co-ords, pieces that can be worn as a set (very nineties) or mixed and matched as separates.

5. What are your top tips to those wanting to start out in the design industry?
  I am fortunate enough to have studied fashion design at internationally top ranked LSAD (Limerick school of art and design), which has really prepared me for a career in fashion. You learn early on that it is an especially tough industry. My top tip for anyone starting out is to work hard, go for any opportunity, and not to get discouraged by challenges along the way.

6. What trend(s) are you looking forward to wearing this season?
  I’m obviously a big fan of all thing nineties, I’ll be wearing slash knee jeans, crop knits, chunky boots and lots of grey and checks!

7. Lastly, where would you like to see yourself in 10 years time?
 Hopefully with my own label :)  watch this space!

images from Oasis

You can check out Catherine's collection in Oasis in stores or online!

-Rachel x

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