A Note Of Gratitude


Hey everyone,

I'm currently writing this sitting in an Irish pub in the heart of Barcelona, Spain. Funny isn't it- we can never escape our roots, no matter how far away we are! I checked my social media this lovely Halloween afternoon to see that I had come first place in midough.com's teen blogging competition, winning an iPad Mini worth €250. I honestly can't believe it, I never win anything in regards to my blog! I've had some highs and lows this year and what with the leaving cert approaching, this was such a lovely surprise.

Thanks so much to the team at MiDough for picking me as the overall winner, and congrats to the other finalists too. I guess hard work always pays off in the end!

I fly home tomorrow morning, so fear not- posting will begin again this week! Thank you all for continuing to follow and read my blog, and I hope you all have a fabulous (and safe!) Halloween. I won't be celebrating it this year while abroad, so have fun for me!

-Rachel x

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