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Hey everyone,

Printed trousers seem to be every where later, and I'm loving them! I have yet to pick up a pair, but whilst having a browse in the shops today there were a few that caught my eye. I love how a lot of high-street stores have some very affordable yet very stylist takes on the printed trouser trend. Not only are these kind of trousers extremely comfortable, but they can also be worn during the day and during the night. 

River Island in particular have a huge selection of printed trousers, in a wide variety of colours. I spotted the blue floral ones on blogger So Sue Me and I love them! The cropped multicoloured joggers would also look amazing with a simple tee and heels. The New Look trousers also tie in with the tropical trend that's still going strong this season, and I like how they're not tapered at the end like the others. Boohoo's ikat print trousers look insanely comfortable- I could imagine myself wearing them with everything, particularly since they're black and white! Lastly, I included a pair of the famous Topshop Joni jeans, as I know not everyone is into lose fitting trousers. These skinnies are super cute and very eye catching. 

printed 5
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Are you a fan of printed trousers? Will you be wearing them this Summer?
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  1. i love them - i have a pair from RI, but looking for more!!

  2. I want to try a pair of printed trousers but I've never gotten round to trying a pair because I've always been too afraid they would be mistaken for pyjamas if styles in the wrong way. The New Look ones look lovely though :)


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