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Hey everyone,

It's been a while since my last chatty post which went down a treat with readers [being a teen blogger in 2014; read here!] so I figured it was time to create another one. I'm not going to lie- being a 'blogger' is extremely fun, but it is hard work. I often see things on twitter undermining the power of bloggers, so I thought I'd address the subject here!

1. We get sent things for 'free'; Often when I write about things I get sent to try out, there are a few comment like "how do you get free things?" Sure, before I started blogging myself, I wondered the same thing! Now that I actually have a blog, I've learnt that it's not precisely free. Yes, we don't have to pay physical money for certain items, but we put hard work into testing the product, writing a review, taking photos and editing them. It works both ways been bloggers and PR companies.

2. We're all over 18; Ok, so this sort of links in with my last discussion post, but there sometimes seems to be a presumption that we're all adults. However times are moving on, and I follow hundreds of teenage bloggers! It can be quite frustrating when events are over 18s only, or even blog awards. 

3. We fit into one category; Speaking of blog awards, I've recently noticed that categories usually go along the line of "best fashion blogger" or "best beauty blogger". What about those who post about fashion AND beauty? [cough, me!]. More and more bloggers nowadays are combining the two, or introducing travel, food or book related posts into their blog. It would be nice if categories were a bit more open. I enjoy posting about fashion equally as much as I do beauty!

4. We're wannabe models; This one is more for the fashion bloggers out there, but every now and then I get asked if I "model or something." I suppose I should take it as a compliment, but I don't post outfit photos to share my body, I post outfits to share my STYLE. In a way we are modelling the clothes, but styling is something I love, not modelling.

5. We're all rich; Just because I write reviews and feature clothes doesn't mean I have a lot of money to buy them all the time. You might notice that I re-wear a lot of my clothes in my OOTD's, but hey, I'm a student! I also rarely buy high end products, because I'm a firm believer that things should appeal to the every day person. It doesn't matter if the products you use are expensive or not!

What do you think about blogger stereotypes? Are you a blogger yourself, and have experience these? Or perhaps you're a reader that's been guilty to these thoughts in the past?
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  1. These are so true! Especially the "one category" aspect! Bloggers are pretty diverse!
    lexi @

  2. I'm with you on the categories, I blog about makeup, fashion, events, mental health, opinion posts, fitness, and anything I like. That's what makes blogging so enjoyable for me. It makes it cheaper and attracts more reader diversity too.

    Great post Rachel!


  3. the blog awards catagories annoy me too, i dont really fit into any one fo them

  4. I definitely don't fit into one category. There should be a no niche bloggers award!

  5. I'm with you on the category front. I've also had family members ask me stupid questions like 'how much money do you make from it?' Or 'why do you keep and online diary of yourself, its pretty vain' lol


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