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Hey everyone,

I recently attended the launch for a new Vichy product- the Idealia Life Serum. It was held in an oh-so-glamorous venue, The Black Door on Harcourt Street. I'm sure you all know by now that I adore new skincare products, and I love looking after my skin, and treating it the best way possible. Truth be told, I don't actually own an Vichy products- I think the price tag has been throwing me off! I'm very cautious when it comes to buying "expensive" products, as I like to ensure they're worth the money. SO as you can tell, I was very excited to try this new product. Vichy has always been a brand that I've heard so much about, and I'd typically associate it as a pharmaceutical brand [their TV ads do seem to have alot of jargon], but my grandmother has been a lover of the brand for years, and swears by their products!

The Idealia Life Serum is a serum clinically proven to improve the effects of daily excesses, such as stress, unbalanced diet, exposure to the sun and pollution. It claims that the serum leaves your skin "looking radiant and fresh, and the texture feels refined. Facial features look more relaxed and skin looks younger and healthier". At first I assumed that the product would be only for older/aged skin- not quite something a teenager would need! However even us teens tend to eat too much junk food, or sit in the sun too long. It also states that it can do all of this in 8 days! The serum has a gorgeous scent, as it contains jasmine. And the best thing is? Its free from parabens!

The event itself was brilliant- there was music, delicious food and icecream! There was also a very informative power point presentation on the exciting new product. 

I personally can't wait to try the 8 day challenge and try out the serum myself. I'm also going to get my mam to try it with me, as I'm curious to see if it works a treat for older skin, too. Keep any eye out for a review very soon!

P.S- you may have noticed that my blog layout has changed, and then changed BACK, over the past few days. As soon as I get a bit of money together I'm going to pay for a new blog layout!

-Rachel x

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  1. haven't heard of this brand yet, i don't think we have it here locally. but i'm excited to read your review about it! i'm scouting for new skin care line to try! :)

  2. stunning blog!

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