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Hey everyone,

I wore the below outfit to my best friend's mam's wedding afters yesterday, hence the naff title ['hairspray', anyone?]. I had been looking for an evening outfit that I could wear to a few upcoming events this season, and I am delighted with what I got! "Not all that glitters is gold"- but these shoes certainly are. Although I must admit, they're a pain to wear.. but as they say, beauty is pain!

I also had a few roles myself in the wedding- I did the nails of the bride & my friend, and also my friend's hair AND makeup! As you can imagine, I was under pressure to get the look right [i am a bit of a perfectionist] but it was all worth it in the end. With her permission, I'll post a few photos of the end result below. Enjoy!


Dress- Angel @ the Ilac Centre, Dublin
Shoes- Korky's
Bag- belongs to my mam, a gift from New York
Bracelet- gift
Necklace- mam's again!
smudged nails aren't exactly a great look..

Out Takes;
Aoife's hair, done by moi

Two bridesmaids and myself

And just in case you want to listen to my cheesy song title..

-Rachel x


  1. I love the dress you wore! and you did a great job with that hairstyle! it looks amazing! :D

    Fashionably Sparkly

  2. Haha I love Hairspray! Your outfit is gorgeous, and so is the hair, well done xox

  3. This clutch is so cute! I love the whole outfit :)


  4. so cute! love your shoes!


  5. You look gorgeous! I love the colour of your skirt! Your nails are also amazing!!
    Rachael x


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