Kiko Lipsticks ~Review~


Hey everyone!

I recently discovered this makeup brand, Kiko whilst shopping in Malaga. As the shop looked quite luxurious from the outside, I was very surprised when I stepped inside and saw the very reasonable prices. I actually returned to buy more makeup a few days later! Two of the products I picked up on my first journey were lipsticks- both only €2.50 each. 

Pink- shade 42
Orange- shade 79

The packaging is gorgeous in my opinion- it reminds me of MAC. The lipsticks are so pigmented, and actually feel like matt lipsticks once applied, although they do have a shimmer in them. However, they are in no way drying- quite the opposite! The formula is creamy, and there is no horrible taste either. I was so impressed! Definitely the best lipsticks I've bought in a while. Unfortunately, Kiko Cosmetics are mainly sold in countries like Spain and Italy [where the brand originated]. However, you can buy it online here.

Have you ever tried Kiko Cosmetics? 

-Rachel x
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  1. I've never tried Kiko cosmetics but I love that pink shade. That would be good for me in the Fall when my skin is more pale.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  2. Have never tried Kiko lipsticks before :)


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