Holidays In Spain- OOTD #2 & Butterfly Park


Hey everyone!

We went to a butterfly park during my stay in Spain- I took so many photos! It was an experience of a lifetime. there were literally hundreds, if not thousands of butterflies flying around my head, some even landing on my hat! [and my dad's, and his shoe..]. Although I won't post ALL the photos of the butterflies [as much as I would like to] I will post some of my favorites. Apparently, the Marisposario de Benálmadena is the biggest butterfly park in Europe. They also have moths, although these moths were nothing like I've ever seen before! It was literally so breathtaking to see them all. Enjoy!

What I Wore;

Cropped t-shirt- H&M
Shorts- Catch
Sandals- my grandmothers wardrobe.. 
Bracelets- Spain
Hat- Spain
Sunglasses- Penneys/Primark.

If you'd like yo know more about the park, click here

-Rachel x

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  1. You look so sweet in these photos :) Looks like you had such a nice time


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