Casual Ramblings In The Park- Daisies, Doggies & A Bit Of Sun!


Hey everyone!
I was having a lazy day the other day after a long day of schoolwork and study, when the weather suddenly picked up and my mam suggested that I get out for a bit. It was perfect weather for taking photos! I'm definitely becoming alot more confident behind the camera and experimenting with new ways to make my photos more creative. It also helps that my 11 year old sister thoroughly enjoys taking photos.. of me! I would say I was going for a 'casual' look [although really I just threw on the nearest things in my wardrobe after school!] Might I say that our dog Misty looks dashing in these photos- a potential doggy model in the making I think! 

 Tshirt- handmade by me, read here
Hoody- Penneys
Jeggings- Penneys
Keds/tennis shoes- Penneys
Camera bag- eBay

-Rachel x


  1. Super cute outfit! I am impressed by your DIY shirt!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  2. I need to make my own Chanel t-shirt this summer too! it looks great! :D

    Fashionably Sparkly

    1. do! mention that you were inspired by me? tehe ;)


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