I met HAIM the band!


Hey everyone!

Just a quick post as I am still BUZZING from today! Not only did I have my jazz dance exam [which thankfully went well] but I went into town to meet one of my favorite bands, Haim! 

For those of you who don't know, Haim are an upcoming band, consisting of the Haim sisters Este, Alana and lead singer Danielle, as well as drummer Dash Hutton. I absolutely love them! Their album is due out this year and their songs 'Falling' and 'Dont Save Me' are popular in the charts. I'll leave some videos below, check them out!

Basically, Este who is the oldest and craziest accidently said her mobile number aloud during an itunes festival gig on youtube. Since then myself and many other fans have been texting her! I facetimed the girls recently and their gig was today in Dublin. Unfortunately  it was over 18s [aw] so I couldn't get in- however I arranged to meet the girls! It took some time but the waiting was all worth it! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT.

Este, me, Danielle & Alana Haim <3

Myself and the girls, aswell as my sister Sarah!

Autograph from Este

Autograph from Danielle

Autograph from Alana "Baby Haim"

caoimhe, myself and leah, two lovely girls I met off twitter and we met up before the gig!

Check out some of Haim's music below;

-Rachel x


  1. omg you lucky thing! soso jealous! x

  2. OMG YOU MET HAIM! :D that is amazing! I love their music and I hope they come to my country someday! :D

    Fashionably Sparkly

  3. ahh im so ridiculously jealous!! x

  4. OMG I'm SO jealous!


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