being alone.


Enjoying your own company is something that takes getting used to. From simple things to eating alone to the bigger, scarier notion of solo travel, learning to enjoy your own company can be difficult.

I remember the first time I sat and had dinner alone. I was in London for London Fashion Week, my first solo trip. The friend I was staying with was in college and I wanted to eat somewhere nice. I remember noticing how strange it was, because my phone was dead. I didn't have that blanket of endless scrolling for protection- it was just me and the food. And it was completely fine.

I love people watching. It's something I do every day and probably one of the biggest distractions in my life. Sometimes I'll make up background stories for people as they go about their everyday lives, creating an imaginary narrative for a fictional character in my head.

 Wearing; Blazer- Bershka // Top- thrifted // Skirt- Pretty Little Thing // Boots- ASOS

In first and second year of college, I was always seeing or dating or texting someone. Nothing ever really lasted more than 3 months, with maybe two months max in between finding someone new. But since I've come back from America, there's being nothing. Nada. Maybe it's a good thing, maybe I've upped my standards, maybe I just know what I want in a person now.

When you hear about people taking a break from dating, it's usually to 'find themselves' or what they want. After 8 months of being a singleton, I can guarantee that I don't feel any different than I did before. But I've learned to enjoy my own company more than ever before. I've become closer to my friends, spent more time with my family, focused on college and my career.

Being alone doesn't equal loneliness, and I'm glad I've finally figured that bit out.

Rachel x

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