2017, Let's Do This


No more slacking. No more "I'll do it tomorrow". No more apologising for being a 'bad blogger'. No more looking back on the crappy year that just went by; only looking forward. I'm determined to get this little blog back on the road, even if it's only one post a month. I've become way too dependant on social media for sharing things and somewhere along the way, I forgot the importance of the humble blog, where it all began. I mentioned last year that I don't like writing 'resolutions' as such, but more so goals that I'd like to use to motivate me and little things to improve my current self. I've scattered these all over my Instagram & twitter lately, but in a nutshell;
  • Write more
  • Worry less
  • Eat a little less chocolate
  • Figure out an actual gym routine instead of doing random cardio
  • Have a healthy & happy 2017.

Much love & much anticipation for what's to come,

(header picture is a combination of some of my recent Instagram images- check me out @ohheythererachel )

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